Big Thanks to TiAL SPORT for some beautiful pieces

I am not knocking the V8 scene in drift at all. It makes sense to me. I just didn’t get on that wagon. Instead I will still have a Miata engine in my Miata! It will be boosted with a Turbo by Garrett and sweet TiAL SPORT products making that turbo happy.
Here we have the Stainless Steel Vband exhaust housing. This thing does not only look pretty, it weighs less and is very efficient. Those are 2 qualities that I need for this small displacement Formula Drift car.

TiAL SPORT Stainless Steel Vband Exhaust Housing

Here we have another attractive piece of functionality. This is the TiAL SPORT MVS 38MM Waste Gate. This bad boy controls my boost levels (27-30psi). Obviously you need your boost levels to be accurate or things may go boom!!!

TiAL SORT MVS 38MM Waste Gate

The last piece to my TiAL efficiency puzzle is this TiAL SPORT Q Blow off Valve. This will keep that turbine spinning for when I am back on throttle and keep that back pressure from beating up on my turbo…

TiAL SPORT Q Blow off valve

Big thanks to TiAL for jumping on board and helping the Jeff Abbott Team continue to progress in 2012!!!

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