Some Vegas coverage

I have to admit, this was a very disappointing event for me. It is tough to swallow the fact that I did not qualify. It is still bothering me. I will get past it and hopefully handle my bidness at Irwindale!!

I was very blessed with the presence of my brother, and friends Brian and Jeff. They flew out from NY. So it was definitely bitter sweet. I didn’t qualify and they were there to see it 😦 but they were also there to support me 🙂

Here are some fun pics from the event. I want to thank all of the photographers that take the time to publish their pictures on the web for all of us…

Here are a few action shots:

Everything Drift coming through with a lot of action pics of me!! Thanks guys..

I am always pumped when I make it onto the Formula Drift page too!!

Here is a shot from my 1st qualifying run. I really have no idea what happened here. Even after watching the video many times. I was in drift and my front end just came out from under me. This really hasn’t happened to me before. I have had under steer before, but not in mid-drift like this. I’m not sure if I had a bad flat spot or just hit a spot on the track that the rain stirred up. Anyway, it was a real bummer. I am glad I just tapped the wall with the front of the car. Like Jarod said, SAFE!! Not happy, but safe…

Here is a nice shot of me just waiting in line for practice. OMG always shows me love.. I am next to Odi. He is a local SoCal drifter too. He just shredded at this event!!! Way to go Odi..!

Here is another classy pic from my buds over at Speed Hunters. Linh and Larry always hook me with beautiful shots. Thank you. Always appreciated..

Here I am sitting at the Driver’s meeting before the autograph session. I am sitting next to Alex. He is always fun to hang out with. We have great conversation about drift and life. I still cannot believe that I am allowed to sit with drivers of this caliber. Just look at the talent in this picture…It’s not even half of the room.  Amazing!

Now we have one of my favorite shots that Linh just happen to grab while I was on the way back to my pit to prepare for practice. This is a great shot of my new neck piece. Also in the picture is my spotter Michael Schultz. He is also the man behind my updated logo and the graphic design of my Car. My friend Rob Bahr made the necklace for me. He also made my awesome rear wing uprights. This thing is just pure uncut dope!

I will leave you with some pictures that may take a while to absorb. Ha ha Ross Fairfield of Dead Pirate Productions and also Co-founder of OMG Drift has no shame. While I was on a tour of Advanced Clutch Technology – One of my partners for the 2011 Formula Drift season. You all know who they are. Their products rock your socks. They also have Insane Talent on their team and serious top runners i.e. Matt Powers, Ryan Tuerck, Matt Fields, and the list goes on. The people at ACT and the teams running their product are all very cool. So I feel very blessed to be involved with them. Anyway, Cheralyn Smith, Marketing manager threw out a bet after Ross had some friendly banter with her about what he would do blah blah. She said that Ross would not be my umbrella girl in a bikini top that said Jeff Abbott Racing. Well, we all thought that Ross’ mouth wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash. We were wrong. Well, here you go:

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4 Responses to Some Vegas coverage

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  2. I LOVE the shot of Mike and you with that B.A.M.F. neck piece!!!

  3. omgross says:

    my mouth can always write checks my ass can cash!!!

  4. Ha ha Ross, so far you are correct!!! We shall see what else is in store…

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