Level 7 Tune

I was beat after the mountain trip, but I had enough energy to wrench on the car a bit. It will be time to drift before I know it.

I pulled off my custom knuckle made by Level 7 Tune  on Sunday. I need to send it out to my firend and 2010 XDC champion, Chelsea Denofa. He is going to inspect it and make sure the walls of Irwindale didnt compromise it’s safety and function.

Passenger side Knuckle

Hopefully Chelsea has good news for me and this thing is ready to rock!!

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3 Responses to Level 7 Tune

  1. chance behunin says:

    Jeff i love that you are taking a car that has a smaller wheelbase then even a ae86 and making it look ridiculously easy to drift i to have just invested into a na miata and i have played with s13s and rx7s but i want to test my skills and from what i understand an ae86 will do that well the closest thing i could find was a na miata for 700 bucks runs and drives so i have been looking into your set up and am hoping i can too one day become competitive with a car that everyone says is not worth drifting

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