Trip up the mountain with Hudson

Saturday Hudson and I went up the Air Tram in Palm Springs. It was a good time. We went up much higher than I thought we would. We had an opportunity to sleigh ride and build a mini Snow man. Here are some pics. I am not the best photog around 😉 enjoy!!

We obviously had to hit the hill first!!

Sleigh riding

We then had some Snowman action

Mini Snow man

Here is a close up of the mini man

Mini man close up

Then we walked around a bit. It was quite a melting pot of people up there. Many of which had never seen the snow. That always blows my mind. It is made pretty clear when you see the lack of sleigh riding skills though 😉

I took a couple pics of Hudson in a couple cool spots.

I saw a couple cats that seemed pretty legit. So I had them take a pic of me and Hudson.

Hudson and DadHere are a few pics of my attempt to show you our view.

Lodge stairs

from the lodge

Our descent. I tried to show just how high we were and the beauty.

Dada-You sure this is safe????

Well, that’s about it. I have more pics, but I felt these would give you an idea of the great day we had together.


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